windows mail - Two problems

  sheila.weston 16:46 PM 03 Mar 09

How do I set Windows Mail to automatically emptying the Deleted Folder on shut-down?


How can I get Windows mail to automatically fill in the address when creating a new message? At the moment I have to open the contacts folder, find the contact, then select the email at the right hand side of the screen and click on that. Then the 'To' line repeats the name or address twice eg [email protected] [email protected]>.

Many thanks for any help.

  BurrWalnut 19:00 PM 03 Mar 09

1. WM > Tools > Options > Advanced Tab > Maintenance and put a tick in ‘Empty messages………..’.

2. WM > Create Mail > start typing the name and select from a drop down list.

3. Windows Mail auto-completion doesn't use the Contacts list (address book). Instead, it uses a separate list of the last 29 addresses you sent messages to. That list is stored in the registry and is not easy to understand or edit. Names can be partially recognized by right-clicking the identifier (a-z, etc.) then clicking Modify. They are stored in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Recently Used Addresses.

  peter99co 20:20 PM 03 Mar 09

I click Create Mail the I click TO which offers all my contacts. I click the one I want and click on TO CC or BCC and the OK.

  sheila.weston 21:49 PM 04 Mar 09
  march 09:45 AM 05 Mar 09

shelia theres lots of info here for you

click here

dont know about stopping the repeat in brackets but if you go to

tools, options, send tab, & you uncheck 'automatically complete e-mail addresses when composing' click apply,ok

then you can manually type in the 'to box' the contact & address without it repeating,



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