Windows Live photo Gallery

  rob888uk 15 Aug 11

When i copy my photos from my SD card onto my laptop and then edit them using Windows 7 live photo gallery, the photos saves all my edits and then disappears from the folder. This is so annoying and was wondering whether anyone has come across this issue? Im using a Lenovo G570 laptop with I5 2nd generation processor with 6GB DDR3 ram. My question is where did all my photos go after editing them? and why did it happen?

Thanks Rob

  northumbria61 15 Aug 11

Are they not just "hidden"? 1. Click the 'Start Orb' > Click 'Computer' 2. Click 'Organize' > Select 'Folder and Search Options' 3. Select the 'View' tab 4. Click 'Show Hidden Files and Folders' > Click Apply then OK

Now that you can see hidden files and folders, you need to search for your pictures.

  rob888uk 16 Aug 11

but why does the photos disappear from the SD card also? it just disappears after editing them! its not to do with the hidden files or folders option. i had 257 photographs and when i select them all to change the contrast or brightness on them. i can see 1 by 1 the photos deleting from the folder and then 0 photos on the folder. can someone help me?? im

  ams4127 16 Aug 11

I know that when I import photos from my SD card to the PC, there is an option to either keep the files on the SD or delete them after importing.

I would imagine you will have the same option and have selected to delete after import.

  mooly 23 Aug 11

Look at the file name for a photo you are about to edit and then when it disappears search for that file name in the start menu and see where it has ended up if possible by right clicking and selecting open file location.

Has it worked in the past ?


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