Windows installer for Win 7 64 bit

  anniesboy68 30 Mar 13

I am having trouble with my Windows installer

I'm getting the message "The windows installer service could not be accessed. this could occur if the installer is not correctly installed Contact bla bla bla etc.I have been on line and followed instructions to check it and all seems ok. Have also dome scan now from the command prompt and also used Mr fix it all to no avail. Have downloaded a win 7 64bit installer file but it appears to be not the right one. Does anyone know where I can access the correct one, please

  rdave13 30 Mar 13

Have you tried the system file checker? option 2 here.

  anniesboy68 30 Mar 13

Yes have done all that. Have checked its in manual mode. Thanks anyway

  rdave13 30 Mar 13

How about a system restore to before the problem?

  anniesboy68 30 Mar 13

Tried that, could be a heat problem, will open it up Tuesday. Ab68

  rdave13 30 Mar 13

Have a read here. Hopefully it will help.

  anniesboy68 02 Apr 13

Thanks, will try BUT I have successfully downloaded a program FS Commander, right clicked on the exe file and all was loaded ok as with another program I loaded. BUT.. the previous version of FS Commander would not go as with another similar prog. Very confusing indeed. Also please ignore the post re the heat problem thats another issue. AB68

  jaywoo 02 Apr 13

Have you read/tried this?

  jaywoo 02 Apr 13

The correct installer version is Windows6.0-KB942288-v2-x64.msu here ;

  anniesboy68 03 Apr 13

Thanks Jawoo, have tried those. However at the moment all seems ok, programs are going on with no fuss at all. The installer when accessed seems to be in working order, all the right wording ie "manual" etc seem ok. I am going to leave things as they are for now. Thanks all others for suggestions.


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