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  happyhotspur 03 Nov 09

I have tried to download the new version of AVG 9 but keep getting an error message that when I look into informs me that the windows installer has not been installed properly.

I have tried everything to install it or get it working but nothing works.

How do I reinstalled the windows installer without having to do a clean install of windows vista itself?

  User-1229748 03 Nov 09

apologies if you've already read thisclick here

  User-1229748 03 Nov 09

back up before any reg edit.

  happyhotspur 03 Nov 09

sorry got lost when the instruction mention saving a file to a flash key, this is beyond my skills.

Looks like wipe the hard drive and try again

but many thanks

  mfletch 03 Nov 09

Download this and install it

Windows Installer 4.5 Redistributable

click here

If it wont save and install run it instead of downloading IT,

  happyhotspur 03 Nov 09

Tried that and get a message 'the update does not apply to your system' or 'the requested operations requires evaluation'

I have tried all the downloads on the page and none of them will work

  mfletch 03 Nov 09

Just to clarify can you download anything

  happyhotspur 04 Nov 09

Yes I can download some items but I also have the problem when trying to uninstall some programs I just get a message saying 'the windows Installer service could not be accessed. this can occur if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personal for assistance'

  mfletch 04 Nov 09

Use this to remove the troublesome programs

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility click here

The installer packages for some of your programs have become corrupted the clean up Utility will remove them.

  happyhotspur 04 Nov 09

Just tried this and got the error message in a box titled
'Windows Script Host' in a blue titled box then underneath
Script: C:\Users\TONYL~1\AppData\local\Temp\IXP000.Tmp\Start MSi.vbs
Line: 17
Char: 1
Error: Permission Denied
Code: 800A0046
Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Have no idea what it means but it would not let me download the windows Installer CleanUp Utility, so I cannot remove the prolem programs

  mfletch 04 Nov 09

Can you download the free version of MBAM

Update it then do a quick scan

Lets see if it picks anything up suspicious.

Let it remove what it finds.

MBAM/ Malwarebytes/ Antimalware click here


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