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  Teaboy 21 Oct 09

My copy of Win 7 is winging its way to me from Amazon. I had intended installing it on top and over Vista ultimate, already on my machine. I am now having second thoughts. would a clean install be better, wiping out Vista first then installing W7 on a clean machine?

How does one wipe the system?

Many thanks for help.


  sunnystaines 21 Oct 09

boot from disc early on it will give you the option of a clean install and format C dive make sure you follow custom install option when asked.

[remember to backup personal files]

  Teaboy 21 Oct 09


Sir you are a Gent! Many thanks.

  betaman 22 Oct 09

i had too many glitches with an upgrade install on Monday - did clean install on Tuesday, no problems.

  anskyber 22 Oct 09

This simple guide is helpful particularly on the wiping of the existing hard here

  Teaboy 22 Oct 09

I thank you gents. I was seriously thinking of an upgrade, it would be the simplist method, but in view of betaman's post I shall rethink,and try to nerve myself to doa clean job.

Mr anskyber- you link is of great value. I shall follow it closely. Much appreciated.

  anskyber 22 Oct 09

Interesting. I did a clean install in some 25 mins but it did not give me a ballot screen for my browser, it just installed IE8.


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