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  jjss 18 Jan 09

While I'm enjoying the learning curve of Windows 7, I've noticed that the Windows Experience Index has dropped badly.

I'm dual booting with Vista HP and in that OS my HD has a rating of 5.3, while in Win7 it only has a rating of 2.0! All the other ratings are the same for both O/S's

I'm using a Toshiba Satellite Pro A300 and I've tried various Toshiba latest Vista drivers with no joy.

Has anyone else come across this sort of problem and if so have you found a solution yet?


  jimv7 18 Jan 09

I think you will find that win 7 has updated the scores which takes into account the speed of solid state drives. My idex showa a sata 2 hdd as 2.9.

  Chegs ®™ 19 Jan 09

On my laptop with Vista 32 bit,I have a score of 2.9 yet Win 7 has a score of 3.9.I did try & get the Vista score to increase but failed.Strange that on your machine it drops but mine rises with Win 7.

  jjss 19 Jan 09

Very curious, it seems some will score up while others score down, but I guess this is the "fun" of playing with Beta O/S.

Everything seems to be running okay. I've only come up against three problems, 1 is BBC iPlayer won't load regardless, 2 my online Bank is'nt playing with IE8 yet and 3 PCA site is patchy loading which might be IE8.

  BurrWalnut 19 Jan 09

To increase your hard disk WEI score (Windows Experience Index) score:

Go to Control Panel All Control Panel Items > Device Manager, expand Disk Drives and right-click the Win 7 drive > Properties > Policies Tab and remove the tick from "Enable write caching on the device’ > OK and re-run your WEI.

It should improve your score but whether it actually improves the speed of disk access I don’t know. I can see no difference but I don't undertake any disk-thrashing tasks.

  jjss 19 Jan 09

I tried making the adjustment first in Win 7 and then in Vista. In both cases it wouldn't let me. Vista didn't say why, however Win 7 told me that my HD didn't support Write caching.

My curiousity continues.

  BurrWalnut 19 Jan 09

You remove the tick by clicking it, i.e. it toggles on/off.

  jjss 19 Jan 09

Sorry for the delay in getting back, laptop was hijacked by another family member.

Yes I appreciate what you are saying. When I checked on either side of the dual boot no ticks were present in the policies so I tried to tick the boxes so as to try to force an issue so as to check differences with WEI. That's when I found that I was unable to opt in or out of write caching on Vista or Win 7, that's how I found out that my HD didn't support the option you suggest. Vista or Win 7 will not let me tick the box.

Sorry if I caused confussion.

  anskyber 20 Jan 09

click here

To summarise in order to achieve a perfect 7.9 Windows 7 score, users will have to buy a computer powered by at least an 8 core processor. However, the processor is simply not enough. Customers will also have to feed their machine with RAM, somewhere in the vicinity of 8 GB. At the same time, Solid State Drives (SSDs) with very high random I/O rates and as low as possible latency issues will also contribute to getting close to 7.9. When it comes to graphics, users will need a card with at least DirectX 10 support and a WDDM 1.1 driver.

  jjss 20 Jan 09


Inpressive!! All the answers to all the questions relating to WEI, and only published yesterday (19 Jan).

I've had a quick look, I'll look a bit longer later, but it would seem that jimv7 was on the right track. It seems that Ms have capped the HD score to 3.0 in Win 7 Beta.

Thanks again anskyber for your response, I'll tick as resolved.


  I am Spartacus 20 Jan 09

I've just checked the scores on mine:

Processor 7.4
RAM 5.5
Graphics 7.9
Gaming Graphics 6.7
Primary Hard Disk 5.8

The hard disk is just a SATA II Samsung 500GB. If I disable write caching the score increases to 5.9


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