Windows defender is turned off on my new laptop and I can't turn it on.

  greyhoundgirl 01 Jun 13

My laptop had Macafee installed for a trial period and that ran out today. I have tried to turn on Windows defender but everything I click on brings up a pop up message stating that Defender has been turned off. It doesn't have information about turning it on again nor can I click on anything. I have tried various ways of getting to defender ( action centre, settings, etc)but I always come back to this message. I would be grateful for ANY help.

  jaywoo 02 Jun 13

Uninstall Mcaffee entirely, download and install Microsoft Security Essentials (free antivirus), back it up with a weekly scan with Malwarebytes Antimalware.Make sure you decline the Pro trial that will be offered/ticked when you install Malwarebytes.

  greyhoundgirl 02 Jun 13

Thank you both for your advice. As soon as I removed McAfee Windows Defender jumped into its place automatically and is up and running. So easy when you know how. I will no doubt remember next time. x

  MWPollard 18 Aug 13

Just to to be clear, since jaywoo's post may confuse some - Windows Defender is Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 8, preinstalled as part of Windows 8 and using new name.

But Defender won't enable if a third-party antivirus is installed, unless the third-party antivirus is also significantly out of date. After the existing AV is 15 days out of date, for example, if the trial is expired, Windows will offer to enable Defender, along with other options, such as renewing your existing AV. But you always want to remove the current AV first - two AVs, even if one isn't working correctly - can keep either from working correctly.

  kr1ska7a 01 Sep 13

Hello, I have the same problem. I had trial version of Mcafee and it expired. I wanted to turn windows defender on, however I couldn't. I uninstalled mcafee manually and with mcafee removal tool. I still can't turn on windows defender and i don't have any other anti malware program so I don't see where the problem is.


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