Windows Defender Notifications

  Jake_027 16:02 15 Jul 07

I used windows defender to stop nokia pc suite starting up in the taskbar, but now every time i og on i get click here . Is there a way to stop it showing, as it is getting on my nerves!

Thanks in advance

  Pine Man 16:08 15 Jul 07

I think the answer to this is that you shouldn't really use defender for this purpose because it is actually stopping a program running after it has tried to start.

Better to deal with the problem by altering or removing the application that is trying to run.

  Jake_027 16:10 15 Jul 07

Thanks for the advice, but the program itself has no option to remove it from the task bar. It still works fine without the icon, but using msconfig to stop it starting still lead to that pop up.

  Pine Man 16:18 15 Jul 07


I suppose it's a toss up between a taskbar icon and a warning pop-up then ;-)

On a more serious note, I don't know what nokia PC suite does but do you actually need it?

You could also try uninstalling it and then installing it fresh and see if you get a choice of taskbar icon during installation.

right click the item in tool bar, click the middle option, its called configure or something sorry bit rusty, it asks for confirmation this leads you to the windown with 'dont show this message again' which you get on xp.
you wont see the message again, if you stop programs with msconfig in uses defender to stop them.

its called 'system utilty' just remembered!! just put a tick in the dont show this message again box

  skidzy 16:30 15 Jul 07

Jake your image is a common occurence in Vista when using MSCONFIG.
Look for the service and disable this.

Windows key+R
Select Services and stop from there.


Start and type
and again stop from there.

  anskyber 17:01 15 Jul 07

Stop the program in msconfig. Then stop the pop up by click here

  Pine Man 18:05 15 Jul 07

Nice link - learning all the time!

  Jake_027 22:20 15 Jul 07

Problem now solved :D

thats kinda what i was trying to say, albeit in a rather confused way!

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