Windows 8.1 Keeps Crashing

  Red Devil 14:35 17 Jul 14

Hi all,

I have a Dell Inspiron 7737 and I have noticed that I am now getting regular crashes of Windows.

I will hear a number of "ticks" like the HD is being accessed and then my computer will restart.

It seems to happen more often if:-

a) I have a game running like EVE Online, Watch Dogs, etc


b) I leave the computer alone for a while

I know Windows does crash reports but I can't remember where they are stored. Can anyone help me with where they are stored in Windows please?

Also, any suggestions as to why I am now experiencing this issue would be greatly appreciated. (The laptop is still under warranty for another 7 months if it turns out to be a hardware issue.

Many thanks,


  rdave13 19:15 17 Jul 14

Try running is safe mode for a while. If no crashes it might be a driver problem, most probably is.

Check Device manager for errors and also check the last and previous windows update entries in case there has been a graphics driver update. If there has then try rolling back the graphics driver.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:55 17 Jul 14

I will hear a number of "ticks" like the HD is being accessed and then my computer will restart.

Back everything up ASAP sounds like HDD starting to fail.

  onthelimit1 08:45 18 Jul 14

Under warranty - I'd save the data as FB suggests and then take it back.

  Red Devil 16:51 18 Jul 14

Hi all,

Thanks for the replies and they are all things I have done or are considering.

But what would really help is knowing where Windows stores it's crash reports so that I can read through those to find what is causing the crashes or ask for help in interpreting them.

Can anyone help me out here?



  rdave13 17:46 18 Jul 14

Event viewer gives clues but often shows the symptom rather than the cause. On the desktop right click the start icon lower left and click on event viewer. See what you find in there.

  Secret-Squirrel 19:24 18 Jul 14

"But what would really help is knowing where Windows stores it's crash reports........."

The default folder for small memory dumps is C:/Windows/Minidump.

If there are files in there that correspond to the crashes you've been having then you're going to need a third-party application to read them. The Windows Event Viewer won't help much with this other than telling you there was a crash and to look in the Minindump folder.

Here are a few free programs you can use to analyse the crash-dump files:

Fellow regular "MechKB" recommends WhoCrashed and it does appear to be a user-friendly tool as it offers a report and a conclusion so interpreting the results may be easier.

Other free tools are BlueScreenView or WinDbg although the latter is trickier to use but does give more info as it connects to the MS Symbol server to gather extra data - there's a brief tutorial here for WinDbg.

If there's nothing in the Minidump folder then either no crashes of that type have occurred, or your Windows settings aren't configured correctly for system failures.

1]: [click here 2]: [click here 3]: [click here 4]: [click here

  Red Devil 09:34 19 Jul 14

Hi all,

OK - I checked for the minidump files and there's not even a minidump folder so I can only assume that Windows is not crashing and something else is causing my computer to reboot.

I have also narrowed down the source of the clicking noise to one of my external HDs so it's not - it would seem - a hardware issue with my laptop.

Have to admit I am now a bit baffled as to why my computer restarts on occasion.


  Secret-Squirrel 10:50 19 Jul 14

" I checked for the minidump files and there's not even a minidump folder....................."

In that case you need to check your Windows "System Failure" settings as I think they need tweaking:

Go to Control Panel -> System -> System Protection (top-left) -> "Advanced" tab -> Startup & Recovery "Settings" button. Make sure your settings look like this.

Unfortunately you're going to have to wait for another crash before anything appears in the Minidump folder. Let me know how you get on please.

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  asadaat 06:17 23 Jul 14

Run dell diagnostic if there is a hardware problem will show you the result......if not then try to restore on earlier date and see

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