Windows 8 ... a step too far?

  Splodge 25 Jan 13

Well, I have Windows 7 on one computer and Windows 8 on another. I have spent a few weeks running W8 and FRANKLY, I don't give a damn for W8 but could kiss W7 for its ease of use.

I can be persuaded but I think that Microsoft were looking for a new revenue stream and jumped the gun by releasing a pretty system but not a practical one.

Any rebuttals welcome.

Incidentally, there was no OS on disk included so I would have to buy one to "start again".

With a "transfer cable" and both systems being 64-bit, I am VERY tempted to overwrite the W8 computer and keep it in reserve.

What do you think?


  Pine Man 25 Jan 13

I loaded Windows 8 the day it was released and was,initially, bowled over by both it's appearance and speed.

There were some niggles but I overcame those and continued happily using it until it started to dawn on me that I didn't actually want or even need most of the Apps that were available.

When I installed new programs such as Microsoft Office it created the impression of installing a new App on the start page but it was really only a flashy icon, which, if you clicked/pressed it you were taken to the desktop and then Office loaded.

Still I kept on until my PC blew up one day (nothing to do with Windows 8) and I had to get a new one, which came with Windows 7 loaded onto a SSD.

The new computer is seriously fast and I haven't missed Windows 8 one little bit. In fact I am now realising that, although it appeared fast mechanically, it was actually slower to use.

  Billy999 25 Jan 13

Change is inevitable.

Windows 8 look absolutely stunning and I never thought I wouldnt miss my smartphone after installing windows 8. Had there been no whatsapp, I would have thrown my smartphone away. Yes, it's not as easy and windows 7 but it's just a matter of time before we get hold of it. The users who are using Windows for the first time will also like windows 8. It's the way forward and we shouldn't be complaining.

  savim 25 Jan 13


Try this it makes W/8 that bit easier to use.

Agree with you though its not for us old timers.


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