Windows 8 Slow Loading Web Pages From Desktop

  TimberLynx 11 Mar 13

I am having response time issues with the loading of web pages using IE 10, started from the Desktop, under Windows 8. This is a brand new Windows 8 HP Laptop that is less than 2 weeks old. Only software added (other than preloaded) is MS Office 2007. Some sites load instantaneously (under 2 seconds) Google, however around 50% of the sites take longer than 15 seconds to load. Some sites like takes over 60 seconds to load the login page.....and yes I have tried it about 25 times with the same results each time. This site where I am currently asking for help with this issue took over 30 seconds to load the Ask A Question page. The part that really makes me scratch my head is if I access the same web sites from IE 10 started from a tile......there is no issue. All web sites load in under 2 seconds including the web site. So my question is......Does anyone have any idea what could be slowing the loading of webpages using IE10 on the desktop vs loading the same web pages without a problem using IE10 started from a tile. FYI --- I have also activated the Norton security product distributed with the laptop.

  TimberLynx 01 Apr 13

After much testing, I believe I have resolved this problem. This laptop came with Norton Internet Security preinstalled so I activated the trial version. While setting up the laptop I started to experience a number of response type issues. After a couple of very frustrating weeks, I decided to uninstall the trial version of Norton Internet Security. At the same time, I installed Norton 360 Premier Edition for which I already had a license. Immediately after the uninstall / install all my problems went away.


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