Windows 8 Pro - Mail - Issue

  Angry Kid 09 Dec 12

Morning all,

I am trying to help a friend set up his email account using the mail app in Windows 8.

However, when clicking on the Mail tile, all that is displayed is a blank screen and nothing else.

I have gone into settings etc but I am not offered the option of different mail accounts.

Quite clearly something is wrong and I wondered if anyone had experienced this or have found a way to correct it.

Your comments / thoughts would be appreciated.


Angry ;-)

  rdave13 09 Dec 12

You should have an account you log in to your PC with a hotmail,Outlook or live mail account, with the mail password. So you log in as [email protected] and the email password. If you only have a standard account you log in then a lot of tiles won't work.

  Angry Kid 09 Dec 12

In response to the two comments and to provide further information please click the link to view what I am seeing when opening the mail tile in Windows 8.

The mail account needing to be added is a gmx account and I have personally done this successfully in the past. However, I do not appear to have the options on my friends pc. Please note that I am working remotely on his pc using Teamviewer.

Thanks again.

Angry ;-)

  Secret-Squirrel 09 Dec 12

Mr Angry, with then Mail app open in front of you, bring up the Charms Bar, click on "Settings" then on "Accounts" at the top. You should then see the option to add a new mail account. Apologies if you've already tried this.

If however your friend's not keen on the limited and very basic features of the Mail app then Windows Live Mail is a fully-featured desktop e-mail client that works fine in Windows 8.


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