Windows 8 Metro Tiles not working

  User8662 05 Dec 12

I bought a new Acer laptop with Windows 8. Everything is good except that the Metro Tiles do not work. Some of them do but most of them just come up blank and then go back to start screen. Has anyone else had this problem. I can't get email, pictures, etc.

  User8662 05 Dec 12

Thank you Dr Yes but that's not exactly what the problem is. I have displays on my tiles but when I click on them nothing happens. Some of them work but just a couple. The rest just flip back to home screen. Seems like they need to be activated or something but I can't find anywhere that tells me that.

  rdave13 05 Dec 12

Sounds as if you have a standard account. Create a new one using your Hotmail or Live account for name and password.

  User8662 06 Dec 12

Thank you rdave13 and dryes for your help. I followed the links you sent and got everything looked after. I had to add a new user and change to Local setting. Everything works fine if I use the new user. Thank you so much. I have been working on this for days. Should have come to the forums right away.

  fredsboy 27 Jan 13

I had this problem and I discovered that it was the firewall. Try disabling your firewall briefly, and then try the tiles again. If they are now working, go into the AV settings and check whether the Apps are being listed as untrusted. If they are, then give them a higher trust rating and it may resolve the problem. It certainly worked with Kaspersky.


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