Windows 8 laptop is unresponsive

  livvy8448 18:17 19 Feb 15

So me and my brother each own the same laptop. My laptop however is suddenly extremely slow and nothing responds. At first I thought it was just the internet browser so I downloaded google chrome, the laptop is still slow on every thing I open. I have not downloaded anything my brother hasnt yet his working perfectly, if anything whe has downloaded more (games etc.) I am ccurrently posting this on my tablet as it would take too long on the laptop. Troubleshootìng found no problems and I cant find any useful advice online. Laptop specs below.

Processor: Intel Celeron 2.16GHz installed RAM: 4.00GB (3.89 GB usable) 64-bit operating system, x64-bbased processor Windows 8.1 Toshiba

  BRYNIT 15:39 20 Feb 15

It could be you don't have enough space on the hard drive, hard drive failing, corrupt files, conflicting programs, it could be anything. The simplest way would be to save all docs etc to an external drive and do a clean install as this should eliminate hard ware failure. After you have installed all updates and an AV you can then start installing your programs/games.

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