Windows 8 Fact or Fiction ?

  sharpamat 05 Sep 12

If the latest news over Win 8 proves correct it seems to indicate to me that even Microsoft has doubts over their new operating system, as some posters are now asking in the forums

It does confirm my decision not to pay for Win 8 but stick to 7

Paying for first an upgrade, then a downgrade ( no doubt at a price ) Is a waste of time. As is buying a new system with Win 8 preinstalled, only then to downgrade to either 7 or even Vista is not to me a way foward but a way back.

I also wonder what system makers responce will be to this?

  woody 05 Sep 12

As they can not stop us removing win8 and installing any OS we like on our own PC - are they saying - buy win8 and if you do not like it you can have win7 free?

  Zeppelyn 05 Sep 12

I have no intention of moving to Win 8 and have 2 copies of Win 7 Pro tucked away should I buy new in the next year or so.


  G-telware 10 Sep 12

You are right but Windows 7 is better than windows 8, could you elaborate me about the Window 8 ?

  ciscodisco 11 Sep 12

Hello, I don’t see what’s different? They allowed users on Windows 7 the option to downgrade and there doing the same now. Like any new OS it’s a major leap for businesses and will introduce technical and management issues.

I believe it was free for Windows 7 to downgrade to XP and will probably be the same.

  G-telware 13 Sep 12

Yes you are right thats what I am saying, Windows 7 is better option for users.

  nihao15 13 Sep 12

Windows 7 is better option for users.

  rdave13 15 Sep 12

I don't under stand this 'Windows 7 is better option for users' malarkey. I've not run Win 8 in any form so read other's thoughts and read of other's experience of actually running 8.

nihao15 and G-telware , have either of you actually run Win 8 on your PCs?

  alesha00 20 Oct 12

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