Windows 8 activation problem

  yellowarmy 17:35 14 Sep 14

I have had my laptop for over a year now and am running windows 8.1. Recently i started my laptop up to be told my windows isn't activated. I know these days there are no product key stickers on machines . My system came pre installed with no discs and am very confused how I can find out what the activation key is for my system.

  yellowarmy 23:39 19 Sep 14

Thanks for reply sadly it says not activated. It's only happend since I downloaded 8.1 through windows updates.

  lotvic 00:18 20 Sep 14

You could try this: ClickHere at the bottom of OPs thread it says, "Afterwards many people complain their activation has been lost. just open run (windows key + R) and type "wsreset.exe" and press enter. That should do it"

wsreset.exe - type it without the quote marks

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