Windows 7E & IE8 options

  jjss 23 Jul 09

From click here and click here it appears that Windows 7E will have IE8 within the software, you have to opt to load it via a “switch”. I may have misunderstood what these articles are saying of course.
I have found a “kill switch” within the Windows 7 evaluation that I’m currently running (control panel/programs and features/turn windows features on or off). If MS are going to use this method of “opting in” to IE8 with Win7E it would certainly help those amongst us that are not so tech savvy.
Personally I shall be downloading a copy of IE8 for Win7E a little nearer to 22 Oct just in case.

  Pine Man 23 Jul 09

'I may have misunderstood what these articles are saying'

I think you have.

My understanding of the Windows 7 'E' packs is that there will be no browser at all or even a Mail program.

The links you provide, in my opinion, refer to installations that will be allowed to contain IE8 (non 'E') but will allow you to make the decision to set it as default or leave your existing, alternative browser as default.

  jjss 23 Jul 09

Pine Man
You may be right, and in fairness your opinion is how I first understood things.

What made me rethink the possiblities is that it was the CEO of Opera refering to Win7E questioning if MS had gone far enough as far as the EU rulings etc., hence the title of one of the articles - "Opera slams Microsoft's Windows 7 E move - again".

  laurie53 23 Jul 09

"Opera slams Microsoft's Windows 7 E move - again".

Well they would, wouldn't they!


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