Windows 7 & XP mode

  2neat 19 Jul 09

I have purchased 7 'home' edition from Curry's. I belive this is the retail version & not OEM.
My question is can I install the XP on this laptop into Windows virtual PC? It might come in handy if I have any hard/soft that is not compatible.
Paid about £45 which I hope I dont regret. Ran the Win 7 check utility & one or 2 drivers will need upgrading. Lappy is a Dell Inspiron 1.7G 2G RAM & X300 graphic card.

  Quiet Life 20 Jul 09

What I did was using Easeus Partition Mgr. (free)
click here
create two new partitions. Moved My Docs over to one (Googling this will bring up how to do it) and installed W7 to the second new partition.
W7 will create a dual boot master boot record leaving your XP as it is.

  ambra4 22 Jul 09

How to Dual Boot Windows 7 with XP or Vista

click here

  2neat 22 Jul 09

Thanks. I think the dual boot option is the best. I have used virtual PC with Win 98 SE. It works well but can be a little laggy. It also uses up quite a bit of CPU/RAM.
Think I might get on with it and download Win 7 RC to have a look.


  ambra4 22 Jul 09

I think you would like win7 I have been using it since the RC version came out and no

problems installing XP or Vista software

Take a read at this site it will help to get you started using win7

Windows 7 guide: Installation

click here

Also Windows 7 Forums has lots of information and tweak on win7

click here



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