Windows 7 with Windows Live Mail 2011-recurrent log-in problem

  BorderCollie 09 Nov 11

I use Windows 7, with Windows Live Mail 2011 as my email utility- with my broadband and email provider being Recently an intermittent Live Mail sign-in problems keeps occurring- on opening Live Mail which has my correct saved password and mail.btinternet POP/SMTP details stored in it, instead of it automatically 'sending/receiving' emails, I get shown the small pop-up email log-in box that does have my saved log-in details already on it. Clicking 'connect' on this box makes the box vanish, then reappear seconds later with the same things shown. It still hasn't sent/checked emails. Then BT Broadband Help programme, which is installed on my p.c. kicks in, saying it has detected a problem with my email programme- do I wish to 'Fix' or 'Ignore' it? If I select 'Fix", the Help programme starts, and eventually I get shown the Results box, which states "No fault found-Working" If I then exit the BT Broadband Help programme, plus close Windows Live Mail, and then restart Live Mail up from scratch, it connects to BT and sends/receives my emails fine. It's getting annoying. Has this happened to anyone else? If so, how did you fix it? Thanks, Dave Grieve, Scotland.

  ams4127 09 Nov 11

I am also with BT and have had the same problem with WLM and it's logon box. I've finally got mine working properly again.

How many email accounts are you pulling in? I am using three. BT, Live and Gmail.

With BT set as my default account I went to Account Properties and under the General tab I ticked the box "Include this account......etc". Apply.

Touch wood, the login box has not reappeared.

Hope this works for you.


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