Windows 7 - Which backup

  Spock999 17 Apr 12

Having just reinstalled Windows 7 I am looking for an effective backup solution.

I have tried the included backup program before and it wouldn't complete properly. A well established problem that seems unsolvable. I gave up in the end. Solving problemns with Microsoft seems a very hit and miss process anyway.

Any recommendations?

  john bunyan 17 Apr 12

See here and other thread to which it refers. I find ATI good for imaging and cloning my C partition (all programmes) and Freefilesynch for my data partition.

Backup thread

  Spock999 17 Apr 12

It is my system drive that is the main issue. It is all very well reinstalling Windows but you lose all the program settings. I am a keen photographer and the most awkward to deal with are Lightroom and Photoshop where after a while you forget what you have set up.

I use Folderclone to hold copies of my data on an external USB drive and that has proved invaluable. I have it set up to copy any changes each day. It works automatically according to the schedule and I just don't have to think about it.

If you read the Amazon reviews of ATI, it looks like you either love it or hate it. That is a difficult call to make when you are looking for good recommendations. I have no problem with paying a reasonable amount for an effective backup program but I want to be sure it will be OK once I have paid up.

  john bunyan 18 Apr 12

I agree with you. I use ATI about once a week to make an image of my system partition, and about once a month, a clone - each on different drives. At worst therefore one misses couple of easily reinstalled updates.

I think you will find a majority of Acronis lovers rather than haters here, but it is still better, in ny view , than the W7 back up. Like you I have CS5 etc, and lots of photos backed up in several ways.

  Pine Man 18 Apr 12

I've used ATI for very many years and it's never let me down.

  Spock999 18 Apr 12

Looking at some of my "manufacturers" disks, I find that I actually have Acronis True Drive HD which came with my Kingston SSD when I bought this computer last year. It is a full version so that should allow me to try it out at no cost.

Am busy reading the 120page guide at the moment.

  Sbrads 28 Apr 12

Acronis let me down with 2 restores, it really was touch and go whether I would get my C drive working again . Both times I had to use the rescue boot disk and reboot between every increment of an incremental backup to avoid lockups mid-restore. R-Drive for me now, no problems at all.

  john bunyan 22 May 12

I have followed advice here, I make full images of my OS partition with ATI, not increments, and I validate them. I use a similar frequent back up of data to you, (Freefilesynch or Synchtoy). I have a removable caddy mounted SATA HD as a "slave" . I also have another in a similar caddy, to which I make a full clone from time to time. As you say the pain of a full reinstall is too much to do! I also have PS CS5 (about to get 6). I also have a USB HD as a second data back up!

  oliverpowell 23 May 12

There is a most simple solution for data backup problems. Using Dropbox which is online storage service where you can store upto 2 GB of data for free. Moreover, You don't have headache to always backup your data as it automatically takes back ups of the desired hard drive partitions.

Note: You have go with premium if you want to store more than 2 GB of Data.

Hope it Helps!!! Oliver

  john bunyan 07 Jun 12

Spam. FE informed


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