Windows 7 Upgrade - licence

  xania 28 Sep 11

I am about to upgrade my PC to Windows 7 but, as a temporary measure while completing the migration, will be running a dual boot system with my existing Windows XP Pro system. I planned to take advantage of the family upgrade offer for 3 of my 4 PC's but, does anyone know where I can find out if the upgrade licence allows me to run both XP Pro and Windows 7 on the same PC?

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  gengiscant 28 Sep 11

Will not the upgrade version of Windows 7 overwrite the XP Pro?

You could I suppose upgrade to Windows 7 then reinstall XP as a dual boot, but I have a feeling thats not what you want to do.

  xania 28 Sep 11

No - you set up a new partition and install Windows 7 in this - then you work with both until ready to delete XP Pro.

  xania 28 Sep 11
  gengiscant 28 Sep 11

In that case yes is the answer, as XP will have its own license number, as will Windows 7. I cannot see any reason why you cannot do it. In fact I shall be doing it myself shortly when I build a PC for a friend, he is looking for a dual boot so that he can get to grips with 7 but still have XP whilst he is doing so.He owns both XP and Windows 7 so it did not even occur to that there could be a problem.

  xania 28 Sep 11

The problem is that the Windows 7 licence incorporated the XP licence so you cannot run each on a separate PC (or sell off the XP licence). However, I need to be sure that running both on the SAME PC does not infringe the mutual licence.

  gengiscant 28 Sep 11

Are I see,his Windows 7 is a standalone not an upgrade.

Simplest way to find out is to call this support number 0844 800 2400 A bit more info here: Microsoft support

  BRYNIT 29 Sep 11

For the past year I have had my original Vista and win7 upgrade on separate partition with had no problems.

Your Win XP and Win 7 upgrade will be tied to your computer. As you have paid for both and each will have its own activation number I have found nothing to say you cannot use both.

If you think about it you will only be using one at a time. Nothing can stop you from uninstalling win7 to go back to XP or vice versa. Having them on separate partitions/drive saves time.


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