Windows 7 Updates

  night 25 Nov 09

Today I have updates from Microsoft, which installed but left me with no vision or sound, having installed a different graphics card being Geforce 8600 when I had Vista, but now have updated to Windows 7, I realised it maybe because an Intel chipset was the original graphics on the mother board, I unplugged from the Geforce and plugged in to the original plugin and all was well I have since re plugged into the Geforce and all is ok once again other than it wont download the update, as a precaution would it pay to replug to the original motherboard down load the update once done revert back to Geforce as the update remains not downloaded. ?? can anyone advise please.

  donki 26 Nov 09

Have you disabled the onboard graphics in the Device manager and BIOS? If not that could be the conflict with your new card.

  night 26 Nov 09

Many thansk for your reply and the point you have madehas been checked out and it appears all is disabled, and I think Windows 7 failed to realise I had changed to Geforce, as believe it or not on restarting the computer it realised it and I have no updates to load, but on going to update history it tried three times to update Intel and on the third attempt for some reason it found Geforce so I guess problem solved but thanks for your reply and a very good point you raised thank you.

  donki 27 Nov 09

Glad everything is sorted.


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