Windows 7 uninstall

I have had a few big problems with Windows 7 so i want to uninstall Windows 7 and go back to Windows Vista !!! Does anyone know how to go do it?

  anskyber 28 Jan 09

How did you install it, as an overwrite or on a separate partition?

  crosstrainer 28 Jan 09

As anskybers post....Did you create a seperate partition (dual boot) or is it now the only operatin system on your machine?

It was as an upgrade,so it has overwritten Vista

  anskyber 28 Jan 09

Did you make an image of Vista first say with Acronis or do you have a retail copy of Vista to do a clean install of Vista?

I bought the computer with Vista already on and no installation disk was included

  bobbybowls 28 Jan 09

do you not understand what a beta is? it is experimental software, when the test period is finished you will not be able to use the software. you should have installed it on a old pc or as a duel boot with vista. if you want vista you will have to go to the store and buy a new disk.

  thms 30 Jan 09

I'm afraid there is no way to downgrade your system without a reinstall of your original system. Try contacting the supplier of your computer and explain what you have done.

I'm sorry that you have found out the hard way about beta testing. You will not be the only one who has failed to read the installion instructions and does not understand the problems with beta testing.

Hope you get it sorted.

  gungey 12 Feb 09

As others have said, you can't uninstall it - you should only install it on a test PC or new partition.

You can always install it as a Virtual PC from within Vista or XP, allowing you to run it within your existing Windows installation. There's an article on how to do that here:

click here


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