Windows 7 tweaks on windows XP?

  herc182 13:06 18 Aug 11

This is the third time I have tried to post this (problem with the forum?!)

Work pc has windows xp but I would love to have the window side by side compare feature in windows 7. I need to compare docs a lot and so this would save time!

Any idea of tweaks I can install?


  Zak 14:37 18 Aug 11

Just open two instances of the docs program and re-size the individual windows and drag to required positions. Not as quick/convenient as Snap in Win7 but still does the job. I use this method for both Word and Excel docs.

  herc182 12:54 19 Aug 11


I like the convenience of Aquasnap. Very efficient and amazing how much I have actually come to expect it from each PC I use! The method you summarised is what I already use and am aware of.


Thanks. What I failed to remember is that the work PC's are locked down tighter than a ducks a*se on a frozen pond. So unfortunately I am stuck with what I have (i.e. nothing!)

thank you

  herc182 12:56 19 Aug 11

tell a lie, it worked the second time.

THANK YOU Lazarus!

  difarn 18:23 27 Aug 11

Hi - what would be even more useful is a second monitor.


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