Windows 7 on SSD

  Petepops 07 Jan 12

I want to install 7 on a SSD as my OS and use my current HDD for programme storage all of which have been loaded under XP. Under this arrangement will the windows 7 OS on the SSD be able to use these programmes on the HDD?

  ams4127 07 Jan 12

The short answer is "Yes".

However if you want to run the programmes on the HDD you will have to Image the SSD from the OS disk you are using now.

If you are doing a clean install of Win7 then the answer is "No" because, while Win7 will see your programmes, the registry has no record of them being installed. The only way round is to reinstall all the programmes making sure that you use the same folders, which should keep all your data intact.

You might be better off, and safer, copying all your data (photos, docs etc.) onto a flash drive before before going any further. You can copy it all back later.

  difarn 07 Jan 12

On blogs I have read Windows 7 SSD holds swap file, hibernate file, etc., and all installed programs, and the HDD holds files, documents, videos, pictures, etc. - no specific answer is given your query but maybe this is intimated by the way they are configured.

  KRONOS the First 08 Jan 12

It will be necessary to reinstall all your program's following a clean install of Windows 7 on an SSD. I have a OCZ Vertex 60GB SSD on which I have installed Windows 7 and about 50 program's with about 15-16GB still free,everything else is stored on the secondary 500GB HDD including my rather large Steam games folder which is close to a 100GB in size. Should I reinstall Windows then it's a simple matter,in the case of my games to repair the Steam installation,which means that I do not have to spend hours reinstalling my games.

When you have installed Windows 7 it is a simple process to move your main My folders to your secondary drive insuring that the SSD is not filled up with all your personal stuff.


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