Windows 7 - Remove MSN Messenger icon from taskbar

  zincy 28 Nov 09

Hello all
Is there a way to remove the MSN Messenger icon from the taskbar while remaining logged in to Messenger?

I want the program to remain open, but I don't need it sitting in the taskbar all the time. In previous versions of Windows it would minimize to the notification area.


ps why is there so many adverts now on this website? it slowing it down a lot?

  anskyber 28 Nov 09

Choose the up arrow to the left of the notification area and select customise. Adjust to never show.

  zincy 28 Nov 09


i want it to show as an icon in the bottom right of my taskbar, but at the moment its in the bottom of the task bar? if that make sense?

  anskyber 28 Nov 09

You mean more to the left and a larger icon? If so right click it and select unpin from task bar.

  zincy 28 Nov 09

sorry, i wasnt very clear. i want it as an icon on the right bottom like when its mimnised. But when i minmised it now its on the task bar, like when you open a folder its in the middle of the taskbar?

  Zeppelyn 29 Nov 09

Right click on the program icon then in properties select Compatibility and choose to run this program in compatibility mode for Vista SP2.

  zincy 29 Nov 09

thanks zeppelyn thats the answer i found on google as well, but im usuing windows home premium,so i thought i dont have this option?

  Zeppelyn 30 Nov 09

Same here, Windows 7 Home Premium, works fine.

  zincy 30 Nov 09

thanks alot zeppelyn!! it worked
seems a little thing, but it was annoying me hehe

thanks again!


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