windows 7 reboot

  Trotter2 08 Feb 12

hi all, had a problem with computer crash. tried restoring to earlier time until i ran out of restore points all with no effect. ended up having to completely format computer back to when it was first turned on. in the process, obviously, everything on it, including saved settings, etc, was removed. that in itself isn't too much problem! what is a problem, is that just after computer was first activaed, i was advised to make a windows 7 back-up disc, which actually consisted of 7 discs! what i need to know is whether, after a total restart, I have to use these discs and whether using them will restore programs from that time, and exactly what was stored on these discs. please explain as simply as possible because i don't understad tech talk. all coments gratefully receved, thanks.

  difarn 08 Feb 12

Did you do a re-install using the Windows 7 Advanced Recovery Methods or did you just wipe your PC clean and reinstall from your Windows 7 installation disk? Have a look at this article giving you step by step instructions about restoring from a system image you may have made:-

"Use a system image you created earlier to recover your computer: If you have created a system image, you can use it to replace everything on your computer, including Windows, programs, and all your files, with the information saved on the system image."

  Trotter2 08 Feb 12

hi, thanks for info. i restored it using solution 4 which is built into the system! i tried all restore points and system images without success! it was the final resort! there is no disc with system, when i bought it i just switched the power on and it loaded windows 7 automatically.

  difarn 08 Feb 12

Am I correct in assuming that you now have Windows 7 sucessfully re-installed and that you did a back up of your files, data etc without using your back up discs and that you are now looking to reinstall copies of programmes etc from your back up discs?

The reason you made the back up discs was so that you could re-install everything from them. For an install you needed to boot from your repair disc which either came with your PC or which you also made. Then there would be instructions relating to the discs you made after you registered your windows 7 OS.

Have a read of this article - the first one explains the process of making the discs (which you have done), the second one explains how to re-install your OS and all of the programme files using the discs. You may decide to do the re-installation again following these steps.

I am not sure that if you do not do this you can then find and re-install all of the programme etc files you want.


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