Windows 7 only boots every other startup

  Noggerules 29 Jun 12

I have had a strange problem. Windows 7 only boots up every other boot. In between the computer hangs at the Advent screen. I have been into MSconfig and in start up disabled all and in Services, again disabled all and hidden Microsoft. It now starts up ok but will I have caused other issues by disabling all and hiding Microsoft? William

  difarn 29 Jun 12

Yes you may well have caused other issues by disabling and hiding all of these things. Can I suggest that you try a system restore to a time before you started having problems.

Start - type in system restore

  Noggerules 29 Jun 12

Thanks difarn

Have completed system restore to earliest date. Have also tried to reinstall Windows 7 and get the message that the Windows on the computer is newer than the files I am installing so it cancels.

  difarn 29 Jun 12

By trying to reinstall Windows 7 are you saying that the system restore did not solve the problem?

  Noggerules 30 Jun 12

That's correct, system restore didn't solve problem and windows 7 says on computer is newer than installation disk. Can only assume that's because of Windows updates?

  difarn 30 Jun 12

Check that the graphics card driver is up to date, and indeed all drivers.

If this doesn't help go back and re-enable all of the start-up programmes you disabled and unhide Microsoft.

The problem may be because of a recent update. Are you aware of this - could you go into Control Panel, Programs, and see what updates may be the cause of the problem. If there have been any recent ones uninstall them.

  Forum Editor 01 Jul 12

"windows 7 says on computer is newer than installation disk. Can only assume that's because of Windows updates?"

Yes, it is. Have you installed any new software or hardware devices recently? The fact that your machine starts when you disable items in the startup folder points to an error being caused by something that's changed, like a driver, or some software that loads an update checker at startup.

The way to detect the causes of issues like this is to take a structured approach; follow difarn's advice about uninstalling recent updates, but deal with them one at a time. Work through until you find what is causing the computer to hang.

  rdave13 01 Jul 12

It sounds that you have SP1 installed. Your disc might be pre-SP1. Two ways of re-installing Win 7, first is to make your CD drive first boot in bios then boot from CD/DVD drive from the Win7 disc you have and format the drive first. Then continue to install. Second is to burn Win7 with SP1 iso from here and install from within Windows using that disc. With the burnt iso file you can still make a 'fresh' install if you boot from your optical drive. Remember to select your version of Win 7 and if 32 or 64-bit.

  xigmapro06 02 Jul 12

I thing your Hard Drive is Corrupted, First your hard Drive Formatted, Than Reinstall windows 7


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