windows 7 in the mail today

  g40 19 Oct 09

Well i got it anyways, earlier than i expected.

  spuds 19 Oct 09

I see one particular retailer was offering 25% off yesterday as a promotion special.

Think that I will wait until its 75% off :O))

  Forum Editor 19 Oct 09

from Speakers Corner.

  g40 21 Oct 09

good deal i think

  audeal 21 Oct 09

g40. Lucky you. I have got to wait four more days (26th) for my W7 pro and another Nine days for my Home Premium. Ordered early August from Comets. How awful making me wait that long, I feel "GUTTED" with being treated this way.

  bapiow 22 Oct 09

Pre/ordered win 7 from dispatched 19th Oct
Postman been and gone. looks like I will not get it until next week sometime never!!
Pre/ ordered win 7 form Amazon, came on the 21st Well done Amazon. You would think would put there self out for it's customer at this time.
Will think twice before using Play again, have noticed there service is getting slower lately, last few orders took over 8 days to get to me. Free dly not that cheap.

  mr simon 22 Oct 09

I would have got mine today, but having made sure I was in, woke up at 8 and gone to watch TV in the lounge so I could hear the knock on the door, come 10 o'clock there was the dreaded red slip telling me that I was not in and a signature was required!

I realise that this is sometimes practise with normal parcels, as the time waiting at the door adds up (I don't believe RM however when they say it takes 4 minutes) but for a Special Delivery I am very suprised. Of course now I have to wait until tomorrow to go down to the depot, as they close so early.

  gengiscant 22 Oct 09

£50.00 from Argos,arrived today, just started Wolfenstien and not sure if I can afford to build a new pc, so will not install for a while.


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