windows 7 internet explorer 32 has vanished

  jakbiker 10:48 29 Apr 10

Have a sony viao laptop only 4 months old came with a choice of using ie64bit and ie32 bit. Some programmes with video content dont work with 64bit or continuously ask to download an add on which it doesnt add. The 32 bit version worked with everything, only there was a microsoft update last night and this morning the 32 bit has gone....
I want it back any help?

Try a download from here :-

click here

  jakbiker 11:10 29 Apr 10

thanks downloaded 32 bit version then it came up with "This installation does not support your architecture 32/64bits"

thanks for the suggestion..will wait a while see if any other ideas otherwise will get on to sony
Thanks J

  jakbiker 13:12 29 Apr 10

did a system restore so the last three updates from microsoft knock out the 32 bit thats knocked out macaffee so will have to reinstall that... its never ending
at least 32 bit ie is back if it happens again will go to mozilla

  ronalddonald 13:07 30 Apr 10

try downloading IE from here click here

  Housten 17:51 30 Apr 10


My wife's laptop did the same thing!! I have done a system restore to last Wednesday, but have also changed updates so that instead of happening automatically I can choose which updates are to be installed and when. I think you will find that the problem was caused by 'Microsoft browser chooser' or something similar.

Best of luck!!

  jakbiker 21:10 30 Apr 10

thanks Housten you gave me the clue...went to system restore before the last three up dates and went to manually install updates and yes it was the microsoft browser chooser which knocked out 32bit ie in the task bar. Had uninstalled mcaffee so dont know if thats is part of the problem ..reinstalled mcaffee and all is well. Adobe flash player is not supported in 64bit so need to have the 32bit...why do they make it so difficult..dont have the problem with the washing machine...whats the diff?

  Colin 11:21 01 May 10

Windows 7 comes with IE8 32 bit and IE8 64 bit. It uses the 32 bit version by default even if you have W7 64 bit as Flash is only 32 bit at the moment. If you have W7 64 bit, you can use both versions at the same time but as you’ve noticed the 64 bit version keeps asking for an updated Flash player which isn’t available yet.

  QuizMan 16:47 01 May 10

Below is the relevant part of the message from Microsoft following their last lot of software updates where we were given a choice of which browser to use.

"Please Note: The Browser Choice update unpinned your browser, Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer, from your taskbar, but you can pin it back if you want. Click here to learn more.

Internet Explorer is still available from the Start/All Programs menu."

The "click here to learn more" bit takes you here click here

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