Windows 7 explorer + green ribbon

  Jojikiba 20 Jun 09

I haven't installed Windows 7 yet so I would like to ask a question about Windows Explorer in Windows 7.

If you have a lot of video or image files stored in the My Pictures folder in Windows Vista, and if you have thumbnail view enabled, when you look at those files in Windows Explorer you often see a “green ribbon of death” as Windows takes several seconds or minutes to show you all the thumbnails.

Does this also happen in Windows 7?

  Forum Editor 20 Jun 09

on your computer, rather than the operating system.

  Jojikiba 21 Jun 09

Thank you for that good point Forum Editor. However, I have what I would consider a fairly speedy machine (Intel Core 2 quad Q9450 2.66 GHz, 4 GB RAM) but it still shows that green ribbon of death with Vista for a number of seconds when opening a folder with several GB of mpg files (admittedly, quite a heavy folder). I just wondered if that green ribbon still appears on a machine with fairly up-to-date specifications when opening a several-GB sized folder on Windows 7.

  Forum Editor 21 Jun 09

to produce thumbnails from a folder with several Gigabytes of image files inside, regardless of the operating system in use.

The time it takes will depend on the processors inside the case, rather than the software.

  Jojikiba 21 Jun 09

Yes I take your point that it is the processor rather than the OS that causes the problem. And one way round it of course is to divide the folder up into several folders with fewer files in them.

So I would like to ask a slightly different question. With Windows 7, has the way that image files are displayed in My Pictures changed from Vista at all?

  Forum Editor 21 Jun 09

it hasn't - at least not in the Release Candidate.

  Jojikiba 22 Jun 09

That's a shame. I was hoping they would beef it up in some way. Thanks for the answer anyway.


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