Windows 7 compatibility with MS Works and Money

  folaboss 17:20 PM 15 Aug 12

I'm currently using Windows XP and making a lot of use of MS Works Version 8.0 (2004)for various databases and also printing labels from these databases. Is this MS Works program compatible with Windows 7 (and 8)if and when I decide to buy a new machine? Same question for MS Money Version 14.0 120 1105 (2004). I also have a brilliant but ancient (1988 vintage, updated for Windows) MS-DOS "Masterfile" database by Campbell Systems (later taken over by Tower) which still works on XP - what about Windows 7 and 8?

  KRONOS the First 18:01 PM 15 Aug 12

Works 8 certainly works as I have it on Windows 7 64BIT, cannot help you with MS Money but I will say I have yet to come across any program that hasn't worked.

  Pine Man 18:44 PM 15 Aug 12

MS Money works perfectly.

  KremmenUK 14:37 PM 16 Aug 12

The only thing you may need to do with Money is slipstream the latest version 1105 (if that's what your running) otherwise your existing files can't be read.


Start fresh and use the Money Sunset version

  folaboss 09:01 AM 17 Aug 12

As stated above I'm using Money 14.0 120 1105 so I should be OK, then? Not heard of the Sunset version. What is it?

  KRONOS the First 09:40 AM 17 Aug 12
  Pine Man 11:18 AM 17 Aug 12

Money 14.0 120 1105 is the same as mine it has been updated to 1105. When you reinstall Money 14 it has to be updated to 1105 when you first open it. If you do not update it you cannot open your old money restore files.


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