Windows 7 Beta reboot begins

  simonjary 30 Jun 09

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Microsoft's Windows 7 Beta will start to spontaneously reboot every two hours beginning on Wednesday, the company has warned users.

Users running Windows 7 Beta can continue to use the new operating system without the sudden interruptions - the shutdowns come without warning -- by downloading and installing Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC)

  Forum Editor 01 Jul 09

It wasn't that long ago that Microsoft mistakenly announced the shutdowns would start on 1st June. That probably cost someone their place on the annual works outing to the seaside.

  crosstrainer 01 Jul 09

I am planning to re-format my test machine this weekend, have you any "Inside" info regarding this so called "Free" upgrade?

See...1 year out of the loop, and they no longer advise me of these things :((

  crosstrainer 01 Jul 09

As an aside.... The new survey regarding W7 does not include those who will buy a full copy of the OS. Since many here build machines, maybe a "Buy a full retail copy" question may be relevant?

  Forum Editor 01 Jul 09

is available to anyone who buys a new machine from a participating seller between 26th June this year and 22nd October, which is the Windows 7 launch date.

  a member 03 Jul 09

what day will the shutdowns start. I have been using mine last few days (on all day) and nothing unusual has happened yet .
winver says windows is activated as usual .
I even tried putting the date forward a month and a year and nothing happens.

  audeal 11 Jul 09

When I downloaded W7 evaluation copy Build 7100 I was being told that I could use it for a year before it starts to shutdown. Have I missed something here or have I been sleeping lately.

  GaT7 11 Jul 09

audeal, they are talking about the beta, so you should be fine as you seem to have the RC. G

  audeal 12 Jul 09

Crossbow7: Thanks for that info. Yes I do have the RC but what is that "G" you have put in there?

  GaT7 12 Jul 09

"but what is that "G" you have put in there?" - 'G' is the initial of my first name, & also a nickname of mine :-). Incidentally, when I initially joined the forum 6-7 years ago, I used put my first name at the end of posts, then a few months later shortened it to just the initial.

No, I'm not imitating (or mocking!) the other 'G' in the forum, i.e. GANDALF <|:-)>, some of whose posts can be seen here: click here. G

  audeal 13 Jul 09

Thanks G


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