Windows 7 batch search an open window command

  aarva 09:45 22 Dec 13

Hello. I have made the following simple batch file Windows 7 to open explorer windows.

start explorer "C:\Temp1" start explorer "C:\Temp2" start explorer "C:\Temp3"

The batch opens the 3 different folders. I would like to search in each window after openning for files by date. Is there a command I can add to the batch file to do that in the window environment?

Thank you

  aarva 16:14 26 Dec 13

I see that my question was a rather difficult one. Could someone direct me to another site that may be more helpful.

Thank you

  lotvic 15:52 27 Dec 13

Victor (Vic) Laurie click here

  aarva 22:27 27 Dec 13

Thank you I will check it.

  lotvic 22:46 27 Dec 13

I think you will find it to be most useful (and all for free) :)

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