Windows 7 Back Up

  Pine Man 09 Nov 09

I am running W7 32bit Home Premium.

For some time now I have been using Acronis True Image 2009 and it always seems to work ok with W7 as far as making back ups and validating them goes BUT when I tried to do a restore it wouldn't work. I think there might be compatibility problems at the moment according to their forum.

Has anybody tried the W7 back up facility which also makes an image like Acronis?

  anskyber 09 Nov 09

I ended up upgrading to Acronis 2010 which is the only version stated to be W7 compatible.

  Pine Man 09 Nov 09

Thanks for that. I suspect that I might have to bite the bullet as well.

I just wondered what W7 back up was like but if nobody has tried it yet maybe I'll carry our a couple of tests.

  sunnystaines 09 Nov 09

i use the w7 to back up the c drive but never done a restore yet, read on other forums that it works ok

  Pine Man 09 Nov 09

Thanks for that. I believe it backs up an 'image' like Acronis.

  sunnystaines 09 Nov 09

click here[2]=Backup Restore

this article will show you how to back up and has a link to show you how to restore

  john bunyan 09 Nov 09

Waiting to receive ATI 2010 before installing W7 as earlier versions dont work with w7

  Pine Man 09 Nov 09

Having done a bit of research I have downloaded and installed Acronis True Image 2010.

I have used every version so far and, apart from trying the older version with W7, it has never let me down.

Many thanks for your input.

  sunnystaines 09 Nov 09

does ATI supply a boot disc, I have not used it before.

  Pine Man 09 Nov 09

Depends a lot on how you buy it.

If you get it retail with a disc then you can use that disc to boot your system and restore back ups.

I download mine from their web site and install it then have the option of preparing a bootable disc for restoration purposes etc.

It really is an excellent bit of software.

  sunnystaines 09 Nov 09



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