windows 7 & USB sticks

  beccles555 22 Jan 13

having problems with usb sticks. I have a sandisk 16gb cruzer blade which i use to copy media files onto so i can play them on a netbook when i'm away. I copy from a W7 laptop using a usb 2.0 port. This works fine. recently i bought 2 more usb sticks, a toshiba 64GB and a Sandisk 32GB. Both these have the same problem. When i copy media files to them (audio or video), files i can read on my laptop from the copies i have made to the laptop, i can't read them from the usb stick even though the copies complete without errors. I can copy these same files to my 16GB usb stick and they work fine. All these sticks have FAT32 file organisation. Does anyone know what is causing this problem? I know there are issues formatting drives above a certain size in FAT32 but these are preformatted and brand new. I bought them from supposedly reliable EBAY sellers - could it be a formatting issue, or might there be some doubts as to whether they are genuine articles? Or what??

  Chronos the 2nd 23 Jan 13

Windows 7 will read and write FAT32 files to your external hard drive or any other FAT32 external device.

But I still think that your problem is the FAT32 file formation,I would format them using the NTFS file system structure.

  beccles555 23 Jan 13

i did try NTFS as well as exFAT, but neither worked.

the 16gb stick is FAT32 and that works fine, on other machines as well as the windows laptop (linux, android)

But the same files won't even play in windows from the 32gb & 64gb sticks... i'd like to know why..

  Chronos the 2nd 23 Jan 13

Hmm, I have just remembered when I first installed Win 7,when it first came out I did have trouble with a couple of USB sticks but I believe there were problems at that time. I tossed them out and bought new.

Oops just dug them out and they are Sandisk Cruzers and work perfectly so it won't be that. I wonder if you might get better help here at the Sandisk forums.


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