windows 7?

  lovz2spoon 28 Apr 11

i have just got a new laptop with windows 7 and im trying to link it to my xbox 360 so i can watch movies and listen to music through the consol but were as vista allowed me to file share my xbox is not recognising that there is a laptop on the network. any help would be appreciated.

  mgmcc 28 Apr 11

Have you set the folders that you want to have available over the network as "shared" in Windows 7?

  lovz2spoon 28 Apr 11

where would you do this? cos im not sure but my laptop finds my 360 but the 360 cant find the laptop so im npot sure if its the firewall r somthing.

  mgmcc 28 Apr 11

Right click the folder that you want to have available, select "Share with" and enter the Username that you log into the Xbox with.

  lovz2spoon 28 Apr 11

still nothin its sayin i need to set up file sharing but im sure ive done that ive been trying to do this all day.

  conrail 29 Apr 11

thanks to Marbles65 on another forum for this suggestion:

has the xbox got a wifi adapter ? if its the older 360 it needs one plugged in,, if its the new 360 its built in,,, if he has the older type with no adapter use an ethernet cable from xbox to router,,, then allow network sharing in win7. also look in the link for more info,,,,


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