Windows 10 tried to insatall without asking

  john bunyan 16:29 30 Jul 15

I have a W7 64 bit desktop and due to the AMD 2.2 Dual core processor , I did not register for the W10 update as the PC is incompatible, and in any case I wanted to keep my W7 Ultimate as I use windows media centre wit a TV tuner sometimes. Coincidentally my Malawarebytes detected some PUPs .How to I "tell" windows update not to try W 10 again? The W10 updates did fail, fortunately.

  john bunyan 16:55 30 Jul 15

As a temporary measure I have reset my windows update from automatic to "download and let me choose which updates to install"

  john bunyan 14:40 06 Aug 15

In spite of me resetting updates as above, I keep getting repeated failed attempts to update to Windows 10 Pro (from W7 Ultimate). My Desktop Processor is incompatible, and these attempts are annoying. How can I stop them?

  rdave13 15:42 06 Aug 15

Have a look at this. Suggests uninstalling KB3035583 update.

  rdave13 15:43 06 Aug 15

Should have added, the next time it's offered then hide it.

  john bunyan 19:17 06 Aug 15


Dave: Thanks. I cannot find the KB3035583 in installed updates. I cannot understand why, as I have set updates to download but check with me before installing, it attempts to automatically install, and fails.

  john bunyan 07:10 07 Aug 15


Tried to uninstall KB3035583. On restart, the screen went into a never ending loop "do not turn off etc". Pulled the plug and restarted in safe mode, which "restored" the failed uninstall. Have hidden the windows 10 invitation logo in task bar via its properties.

  rdave13 07:35 07 Aug 15

Thanks for that info. Won't link to that suggestion again. I can only think of returning to a previous image or restore and then blocking the update.

  rdave13 07:48 07 Aug 15

On Win 8 we were getting a lot of 'non-critical' updates prior to the upgrade so if you do go back to a previous image then hide those. Seems illogical that it shows your PC is incompatible but still pushes the upgrade.

  john bunyan 09:47 07 Aug 15

Dave. Thanks again. I read on Google that the uninstall of the KB works if the icon is removed first from the system tray. Have made a clone and image of my C Drive and may try again in next day or two - will keep you informed. Not a very big issue but it takes up processor time.

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