windows 10 freezes and stops working

  Ray Hewes 11:19 27 May 16

"Display Driver stopped responding and recovered Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers for windows 8 stopped responding and has successfully recovered" why does it keep doing this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:09 27 May 16

Update your graphics drivers

  Ray Hewes 00:24 28 May 16

Thank's Fruit Bat, Should have included more info. Latest drivers from Intel installed, MB Asrock H67M-GE, i5 2400 processor, 4.00 GB ram, 32 bit OS. The Pointer also freezes for a minute and sometimes stays frozen requiring a force shutdown and restart.

  Rhenop86 06:54 28 May 16

i think you you have a cpu unit with high temperature. read this tips. click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:26 28 May 16

FReeezing PC

  1. Overheat due to faulty / blocked fans

  2. PSU voltages

  3. Household power surges fridge etc switching on/off

  4. faulty memory stick try memtest click here virus or spyware scan for both especially if shutting down with in a few minutes of switch on or internet use

  5. driver conflicts especially graphics cards get the latest drivers for your equipment


  Ray Hewes 03:13 29 May 16

Thank's all Don't think it is overheat as it occurred just after switch on now as I opened Firefox and Thunderbird, 1 min after switch on froze for 30 sec. I will check the other points

  Ray Hewes 05:40 01 Jun 16

Tried the suggestions to no avail but now I find that when I hover cursor over ENG all is well when I stay on the taskbar but when I move up into the popup window it freezes every time

  Ray Hewes 01:16 06 Jun 16

Latest on this saga is that I installed English (Australian) and uninstalled all others, solved the ENG tag problem but freezing still continued when navigating around Avira toolbox. I uninstalled Avira Security Suite that has been there since Win 7 (was updated to the latest win 10 version before the freezing)and reinstalled on top of Win 10> The freezing appears to have ceased ?

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