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  Maczed 08 Dec 11

I've just bought a Windows 7 computer and have loaded Norton 360, which I had already bought for my old XP machine. Is this OK to run with the pre-loaded Windows 7 anti-virus program? If not, is it possible to delete the Windows one? I would prefer to keep Norton.

  Ibanez2010 08 Dec 11

Get rid of Norton and keep the Windows 7 built in one! It's perfectly good, less bloat than Norton and less likely to slow your pc down.

  difarn 08 Dec 11

I have used Norton for many, many years and found it to be very reliable - I don't use the 360 but Norton 2011 presently, soon to be updated to 2012 - it is much less bloated than in previous years. I know of many people who successfully use Norton 360 with no problems.

Norton usually manages the inbuilt security so you don't have to do anything. From my experiences I favour keeping Norton.

  a member 08 Dec 11

I install microsoft security essentials on all all the PCs I biuld now ,unless asked otherwise ,for windows 7 its particularly good ,it intergrates with existing windows security seamlessly with much less bloat ,and with no noticeable slowdawn. A friend of mine who i recently biult a new PC for has allways used norton (since before the semantic) days , and he recenlty asked me to uninstall his norton 360 ,he said it was the worse yet , he got fed up of legit programs and processes being blocked . he has security essentials now and i have had no complaints .

  difarn 08 Dec 11

With all the advice about making sure that your PC is adequately protected most people feel that they have to use additional security. I quite agree with what is said about Microsoft Security Essentials, but there is always the doubt.

I suppose it is a matter of choice - I do know that a friend of mine had Norton 360 installed and found it to be unsatisfactory - Norton 2011 however has been fine. All the time I have used Norton - for many, many, years, it has never blocked legitimate programmes and processes - luckily for me.

  Maczed 08 Dec 11

Many thanks for the helpful responses. On balance Windows seems to be the preferred antivirus tool, but I still like Norton 360. Will I have a problem if I run them both together?

  Ibanez2010 09 Dec 11

Yes you will. Never run 2 realtime antivirus products together. They will conflict with each other and cause problems. I have Microsoft security essentials running in the background all the time, and also have MalwareBytes antimalware and Superantispyware that I can run a scan once a week manually. Nothing has ever been found in over a year now with all three scanners.

  Maczed 10 Dec 11

Thanks guys. I think I'll have to follow Ibanex2010 advice and give Norton 360 the chop!


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