Win8 system reserved partitation

  csb-jass 21 Mar 13

Hi all, I have discovered that my reserved partition 350mb is fragmented by 17% and I wish to extend it to 500mb to remove fragmentation - I am concerned about upsetting the boot files on C: as I will need to shrink the front section for the required space. Is there an option in win8 to do this or is a third party app required? Information from anyone who has completed without issue is appreciated. Thanks...

Windows 8 Pro x64

  rdave13 22 Mar 13

It's a system reserved partition and I would leave well alone. Mine is 100 MB suggesting it's a cloned drive you're using?

If you want to have a go then try shrinking it to 100 MB (minimum size). Don't have a go at me if it upsets things.

  csb-jass 23 Mar 13

Hi rdave13, if you have a 100mb system boot partition it is win7 you have and not win8. As default win8 sets up with 350mb system boot and has MFT file right in middle of it and providing insufficient space ether side for the large files included in partition causing bad fragmentation. I have corrected this issue in win7 but have been informed that win8 loses its boot ability if same method is used, this is why I have asked advice from someone who has successfully completed this task. I know from experience this can make a notable difference at boot time.

  rdave13 23 Mar 13

All I can tell you is I have a 100MB NTFS system reserved partition, Partition size: 100 MB, Used space: 38.5 MB Free space: 61.4 MB Active: Yes Hidden: No

Running Windows 8.

  csb-jass 24 Mar 13

Hmmm! Did you do an upgrade from win7? or if fresh install which flavour of win8? Mine is fresh install of win8 Pro x64 and it auto defaulted to 350mb

  rdave13 24 Mar 13

Upgraded from 7 and also Win Pro 64-bit.

  csb-jass 04 Apr 13

Has any an answer or a direction to another thread with answer? Thanks...


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