Win7 plus IE

  iscanut 09:44 04 Aug 09

It's just been announced that Windows 7 will now ship in Europe with Internet Explorer and because of this, it is now likely that an upgrade version will now be available at launch this year after all !!! If so, then that's good news for us non geeks.

  a member 12:51 04 Aug 09

er, I would check the recently announced pricing for this in the uk before you become too elated.
it getting like wholegrain bread ,years ago you had to pay extra for them taking it out (soft white) now we have to pay for them to put it back in .
microsoft are taking liberties with the uk with thier pricing . as good as win 7 is (and it is good) its not worth what they inten to ask .

  iscanut 14:26 04 Aug 09

My ref to good news was that it will be easier for me to run an upgrade program rather than do a fresh, clean install and all that goes with it.

  iscanut 15:31 04 Aug 09

Surely we don't know yet what the cost of the upgrade in the UK will be unless you know better ?

  Pine Man 16:08 04 Aug 09

'rather than do a fresh, clean install and all that goes with it.'

This has got to be the easiest o/s to do a fresh install with. Mine took about twenty minutes and when it was finished it worked perfectly and had found, and installed, all of the drivers for all of my hardware and I never even lost my BB connection. All I had to do was install the programs I wanted to use.

The benefit of a fresh install also means that you get rid of all the rubbish that you have accumulated over time.

  iscanut 17:13 04 Aug 09

I have a full version on order at under £50 so will be doing a fresh install once I take a deep breath. Being ignorant of such things, what about drivers for the motherboard ?

  Pine Man 18:35 04 Aug 09

Don't worry about your mobo, unless it is a really obscure one, Windows 7 will find and install a driver for it or at worst point you to a site to get one.

  sunnystaines 18:53 04 Aug 09

I have a voucher but the MS web site says come back end august for GB customers, not sure of the procedure about getting the disc, but collecting the drivers ready.

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