Win7 Administrator Rights

  jimforrest 22:09 25 Aug 12

I have just bought a shiny new Samsung Laptop with Win7 running on it. I have connected to my old Acer Laptop via the wireless network and it is transferring files across. For one file though it refused to copy it without the Administrator's permission! What the hell - it's my computer and it does what I tell it to do! (Except that it won't). How do I get rid of this stupid permissions thing chaps?

  rdave13 10:14 26 Aug 12

Window 7 permissions from Seven Forums. Should help.

  jimforrest 21:10 26 Aug 12

Thankyou Rdave, that did the job and I copied the file ok. But what would happen if I just turn UAC off? I've been using computers since the days of Amstrad - so I know never to open a file without scanning and to leave System Files alone etc. I really don't need nannying.

  rdave13 21:32 26 Aug 12

What UAC? ;) It's been 'off' on my PC since day one. Sometimes not enough though.

  jimforrest 16:46 27 Aug 12

OK - I set UAC to zero - got the usual warnings about how I'm now vulnerable to cyber nasties, shark attacks, carpet bombing etc - but we'll see!


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