Win XP MCE to W 7

  john bunyan 14:17 PM 15 Oct 09

I have XP with MCE and use the TV bit sometimes. Q1. What extras are needed to run MCE on W7, (will my remote work, will Happuage tuner be ok)?
Q 2. My primary HD is partitioned (C:) about 50 Gig for programmes, system etc, and (F:) about 270 Gig for, basically, "My Documents" (Music, Photos etc- and, I notice, system restore). Can I just Format the C: Drive and keep the existing data on F: as it is? I will of course have back ups on external HD. Also, I believe Photoshop CS4 needs to be uninstalled prior to a format as it wont let you install if it thinks a licence is in use.Am thinking of using the 64 bit version.

  john bunyan 14:18 PM 15 Oct 09

PS meant to say - assuming a clean reinstall of W7 Home Premium.

  john bunyan 19:59 PM 17 Oct 09

I will raise this again in a month or so when the W7 is more in use.

  a member 09:07 AM 18 Oct 09

As far as I know higher versions of windows 7 have media centre biult in with a whole host of improvements and is backward compatable .

  Forum Editor 16:11 PM 18 Oct 09

and keep the existing data on F: as it is?"

Yes, as long as you ensure that you have an external back up of the files first. Windows 7 will install to your C drive,and you'll have access to your data files afterwards, but it still makes sense to be cautious.

  john bunyan 17:35 PM 18 Oct 09

Thanks. I have a cloned (ATI) secondary slave disc, and a full back up image and copies of "My documents" on external drive of all data. I am considering, whilst getting used to W7, creating a third partition with XP on one and W7 on the other with a dual boot - any views? Not sure if programmes like Photoshop CS4 would "like" being on two MS versions on one computer.

  john bunyan 17:37 PM 18 Oct 09

Thanks. Will ensure I buy the right version but am not sure if a "remote" for the TV is included.


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