Win 9

  sharpamat 19:57 21 Aug 14

Early days yet but it seems Microsoft have indicated that they will be releasing a preview of Windows 9 on the 30th of September.

  rdave13 20:45 21 Aug 14

Roll on. If it is an improvement on 8.1 then that will be fantastic as 8.1 is superb in itself. This is in my humble opinion. Win 8 knocked seven bells out of Win 7, Vista and the dying XP.

Microsoft are at last keeping up with Apple. They've been asleep long enough.

  lotvic 20:46 21 Aug 14

Have you seen:

Thread in Speakers Corner click here link to pca Article Windows 9 release date, price, features: 30 September marked for unveiling click here


  rdave13 20:53 21 Aug 14

Superb isn't it. Rumors and all.

  lotvic 21:10 21 Aug 14

Yeah, I liked this part in article: "So how much will Windows 9 cost? Not a lot."

"I wouldn't be surprised if it was free to consumers, although not to OEMs who purchase licences to put on PCs and laptops they sell. Even if customers have to pay to upgrade to Windows 9 they won't have to pay much. Just a few pounds."

  rdave13 21:24 21 Aug 14

lotvic , regardless, if one doesn't like Windows any more there's always alternatives isn't there?

Instead of forum members whingeing then go for Apple's incorruptible iOS, or the best freebie in town called Linux.

It should be Christmas for them as Microsoft is so dire.

Maybe the Microsoft haters should fade away from here and leave the rest of us that use that platform to help others in peace.

  rdave13 22:19 21 Aug 14

Jock1e , with respect, you're beginning to sound like a one man band crusade.

Your point has been surely taken, many times before, on other threads.

  rdave13 22:40 21 Aug 14

Err.. I've stated that I like win 8 once or twice only.

  wee eddie 22:55 21 Aug 14

Rdave13: We understand that you like W8, unfortunately you are one of the few.

There's little doubt that it is technically pretty good. However, for a Desktop user it is unfortunate. Unusable in its published form.

Most of us do not care to be faffing about. We want it to work, straight out of the box. It does not. End of story.

  rdave13 23:05 21 Aug 14

Jock1e , with respect again, the amount you've certainly put foreward, strongly, your dislike of 8 is certainly overwhelmingly more than I have stated that I liked it.

wee eddie , as you're a long user of Windows the amount of faffing about is absolutely minimal and you know so. Both of you go for wonderful Apple or superb free Linux, unless you can write an OS yourselves.

You should then be happy.

  wee eddie 01:25 22 Aug 14

Rdave13: So, tell me, how I get a Desktop with the picture of my choice and no more than 10% of that picture obliterated with icons

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