Win 8 Upgrade/Re-install

  Legslip 14 Jan 13

I am considering the £28 Microsoft upgrade offer. If I download and install Win 8, if at some time in the future I want to reformat my HD, will I still have access to Win 8 as a download means I have no disk? Currently on Win 7.

  aquatarkus 14 Jan 13

Hi There

When you do the download you will get the option to create your own media either a bootable usb stick (must be more than 3gig) or burn as an ISO file to dvd

Regards Aquatarkus

  Legslip 14 Jan 13

Thanks people. Think you have given me the response I needed. Will give it a whirl.

  SillBill 14 Jan 13

I'm still thinking about it, but the more I read the more I think I'll stick with W7!!

  Forum Editor 15 Jan 13


Microsoft has sold over 60 million Windows 8 licenses in two months - it's a very good Windows version indeed.

Like all new operating system releases there's a learning curve. This one is somewhat more complicated by the fact of the user interface,which has been primarily designed with touch screens in mind. It's perfectly good on a conventional screen and mouse combination however.

Minor glitches are being resolved on a daily basis, and manufacturers are rapidly adding certified drivers. It's an upgrade that in my opinion is well worth making. We've seen far more in the way of teething problems with previous versions when they were launched.

  Legslip 15 Jan 13

Thanks Ed. useful contribution.


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