Win 8 Upgrade Advisor

  highside 21 Nov 12

Help please, I downloaded the Advisor & then worked through its report & carried out program updates on some of the items it flagged up.

When I re run the Advisor to see if those items have been cleared the Advisor will not run again from the start it justs immediately redelivers the first report without going through its sequence which should take sevaral minutes. I have deleted the exe file from my downloads to no avail and typing into the Win 7 start globe does not produce any Win 8 stuff?

How can I get a new clean report? Thanks

  Forum Editor 21 Nov 12

The advisor writes itself a registry key which loads the report it produced at first run. The assumption is that the hardware and software configuration is hardly likely to have changed.

I suggest that you go ahead with your upgrade. Unless there were any critical incompatibility in the hardware and software configuration you will be OK - you can sort out any minor driver problems after installation. The Windows 8 installer will want to go online to look for updates when it runs, and you should say 'yes' when it asks for permission to do that.

  highside 21 Nov 12

Thank you very much, It was mainly small things apart from the cost to take my Word 2002 to compatability, guess thats another story. The thing is that without the advisor its not that easy to decide if its worth it and adding some of the things up it is going to be costly. Thanks again

  Forum Editor 21 Nov 12

In the main it's safe to assume that any software application which runs in Windows 7 will also run in Windows 8, although you should let the upgrade adviser have the final word.


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