Win 8 Printing

  wvevie 17 Apr 13

How can I or even, can I, print more than one picture per sheet? Not more than one of the SAME picture, but DIFFERENT pictures on the same sheet. I did it with Photo Wizard before but so far I haven't figured this out with Win 8. Any help would be appreciated.

  wvevie 23 Apr 13

I'm guessing from the lack of response that this just can't be done in Win 8.

  jaywoo 23 Apr 13
  wvevie 25 Apr 13


Your link covers simple printing which I'm perfectly capable of doing.

The question is can Win 8 print different pictures on one sheet. For example: I have 4 different pictures and I want one of each of them on one sheet of paper. Not 4 copies of the same picture. Can Win 8 do that?

I'm figuring - no.

  rdave13 26 Apr 13

What I do is create a new folder on the desktop. Copy and paste (or drag) the photos you wish to print to the folder. Open the folder, select all then right click and select print. The print pictures pane opens. On the right hand side select the amount of photos to print. For example for seven images I select the 'wallet' size that will print up to nine photos.

  rdave13 26 Apr 13

Just found an even easier method. Press the CTRL key when selecting photos, right click one of the highlighted pictures and select print, you go to the print pictures pane, then as above.

  rdave13 26 Apr 13

Another way is with Paint. Select a photo, right click and open with Paint. Reduce the size if required then drop the zoom to 25%. Expand the page from the photo so you see more white space.

Right click another photo and select to open with paint. Reduce the size if required. Again reduce the zoom ( at the bottom) to 25%. Easier to work with. Now select the 'select' icon at the top and using the cursor surround the photo and select copy or paste.

Back to the original Paint window and select paste. It will paste on top of the first photo so simply drag to the white space created earlier. You can carry on doing this for any amount of photos. This way you can see the print preview and adjust whatever is needed.

  rdave13 26 Apr 13

Error, surround the photo and select copy or paste, should be ...and select copy or cut

  rdave13 26 Apr 13

Another great freebie is Paint.Net. There's a lot of tutorials for this program on the net, click here and they have their own forums for help, click here, if you want to manipulate your photos.

  wvevie 30 Apr 13

Fantastic! Thanks everyone. I really thought it couldn't be done.


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