win 8 desktop icons

  keithwoods 30 Nov 12

How do I create a desktop icon for Windows Live Mail in Windows 8 ?

  rdave13 30 Nov 12

In the start page right click WLM and pin to taskbar. Right click the icon on the taskbar and in the list that opens, right click WLM and select properties. From that list that opens you can open the file location under the Shortcut tab, once opened find wlmail.exe in the list. Right click that and in the menu select create shortcut. It will create a shortcut icon on your desktop.

  keithwoods 30 Nov 12

Thanx rdave13. Just a small problem. I cannot find WLM on my start page. I understand WLM is part of Live Essentials. So I looked in 'Programs' and L.E. is there. So I clicked on 'Repair' and it took about 20 minutes to do that . But I still have no WLM tile on my start page. How do I get access to WLM ? Mystery - or what ?

  rdave13 30 Nov 12

You'll need to download Windows Essentials.

  RussB78 01 Dec 12

Open your Boot drive and go into Programs Folder then Live Mail and the Icon you are looking for (wlmail) is in there, just right click and put it on your Desktop.

  RussB78 01 Dec 12

I should have added that the Icon (wlmail) is in the Mail Folder within the Live Mail Folder.

Sorry about that.


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