Win 8 Autorepair loop problem

  marcyano79 13 May 13

Hi, after updating itself windows restarted only to encounter a problem and start autorepair mode. Sadly autorepair can't fix whatever the problem is and seems to be stuck in and endless loop of restarting, starting autorepair and failing, only to restart and repeat. I don't have any recovery media and Acer will charge me handsomely to get them. If I return the unit under warranty they can't guarantee to keep my data intact, which is worrying as I obviously can't get into windows to back up my recent data.I'm assuming they'll just set it back to factory default settings. Has anyone else had/solved this or similar issue? As much as I want my shiny new laptop fixed I don't want to lose my recent photo catalogue updates. Any help would be much appreciated.

  Forum Editor 13 May 13

"I don't have any recovery media"

That's a problem.

You need to try to get Windows 8 into safe mode, but unfortunately Jock1e's suggestion of pressing the F8 key as the computer tries to start will not work on Windows 8 - it will not allow you access to the same options as in previous Windows versions.

You need to get the recovery media.

  woody 13 May 13

If you have your own product key -can you not use a friends disc?

  marcyano79 14 May 13

No, I don't even have a product key! Acer don't supply you with anything except the recovery software on the partition, which is fine if you can get to it. So if I stump up the £50 for the recovery software I'll probably be able to recover the system and keep my data? Thanks for the replies btw.

  rdave13 14 May 13

Next time it reboots, try holding down the SHIFT key after the BIOS splash screen, see if that brings up the screen for Advanced Options (not the Advanced repair options) or try the ALT key. If you do get there, do a system restore.

  rdave13 14 May 13

Another suggestion is to ask someone with Windows 8, same bit version, to create a recovery disk/media for you, boot from it and try a system restore.

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